LAS VEGAS TRAVEL GUIDE: 13 Things to Know Before You Go

Published on January 6, 2023 by

Everything YOU need to know before you travel to Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas is BIG, so is the Strip. Downtown Las Vegas is really far from the strip but the Freemont Street Experience is cool and it’s neat to see “old” Vegas. Don’t pick the cheapest hotels… You’ll regret that $25/night rate.
If you want to be in the “middle” stay around Caesars Palace. If you like “peace and quiet” pick a non-casino hotel. In the winter it can be really cold and windy! Bring a jacket Nov-Feb.
The casinos are always super cold… so bring a light jacket or sweater even in summer. Buffets are great, but just once a day. Twice a day is overdoing it!

00:10 #1 Background
01:17 #2 Orientation
03:54 #3 Getting In
07:20 #4 Getting Around
09:39 #5 Hotels
13:18 #6 Gambling
14:04 #7 Money
14:29 #8 When to Come
15:30 #9 Food
17:55 #10 Drinking
18:40 #11 Smoking
19:36 #12 Family Travel
21:28 #13 Day Trips


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