Los Angeles Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go to LA

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Things you need to know before you travel to Los Angeles California. LA is HUGE. You won’t be able to see all of LA, unless you’re staying for a very very long time. Los Angeles doesn’t have a “center” and Downtown LA is not very exciting. LA is comprised of multiple cities Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu. Get a rental car – You’ll need it to see most tourist attractions in Los Angeles.
2. Traffic
– LA has traffic everywhere, all the time. All day, every day. Yes, even at 1am on a weekend. Deal with it.
– The freeways have names — it’s not I-405 — it’s “THE 405”
3. Public Transit
– LA has a subway!
– But it probably doesn’t go where you want! Especially the beach!
4. Parking
– Is often Valet
– and Costs money everywhere
– Except when you’re parking on the freeway 🙂
– Pay attention to street signs (confusing times and days)
5. Navigation
– Know where you’re going and take the correct exit
– Take the wrong exit and you might end up in some place really sketchy
– Lots of little cities, the street numbering changes in different cities
6. Weather
– LA is not always sunny and warm
– It gets cold — particularly at night
– Shorts in the day, but pants and a jacket at night
– And the ocean water is cold too… 70 degrees is as warm as it gets
– Inland can be 30 degrees warmer than the beach
– Lots of sunscreen
– Sunglasses
– It’s dry — moisturizer
7. LA is unlike the rest of California
– It can feel like a different country, or at least a different state
– Venice Beach in particular
8. Hollywood is in the neighborhood called “Hollywood”
– West Hollywood is in front of the Hollywood sign (and a different city) with Fancy homes
– East Hollywood doesn’t have much
– North Hollywood over the mountain is a suburb of LA
– Oh by the way — no actors in Hollywood
– And if you go see a 30 minute sitcom taping it will take 4+ hours
9. The Valley
– Means San Fernando Valley
– Burbank, Studio City, North Hollywood, Van Nuys
10. LA’s most well known attractions are also some of the most rundown
– Hollywood Boulevard or is Tijuana?
– Venice Beach, oh my lord
11. LA is casual
– Flip flops and shorts are OK except in the most dressy establishments
12. Bring your own shopping bag
– Supermarkets charge 10 cents for shopping bags in California
13. Mexican Food in LA is awesome
– Get some fish tacos!
– And visit King Taco!

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