OMEGA MART LAS VEGAS: The Ultimate Tour & Review

Published on February 3, 2022 by

Join me for a tour inside Omega Mart: one of Las Vegas’s newest attractions located at Area 15. Usually I describe what you’ll see in the description, but Omega Mart is nearly indescribable. It’s a supermarket, it’s an art exhibit, it’s a museum… and it’s expensive, it’s $49 per person to visit. At the conclusion of the tour I’ll share my thoughts and review of whether Omega Mart is worth the money.

00:00 – About Omega Mart
01:19 – Omega Mart’s Supermarket Section
7:20 – Omega Mart’s Dramcorp
13:30 – Omega Mart’s Factory
16:30 – Omega Mart Desert – Seven Monolith Village
21:23 – Omega Mart Review: Is Omega Mart Worth It?


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