San Diego Comic Con 2019 Survival Guide

Published on June 25, 2019 by

21 things YOU need to know to SURVIVE San Diego Comic Con. Special guest and San Diego Comic Con Veteran Steve Soeffner joins us on this live stream to share his tips for having the best experience at San Diego Comic Con.
1. Secure a hotel before getting tickets. These can be just as hard to get as a SDCC Badge.
2. It is okay to have a hotel away from the convention center and down town. You can save a $100 a night or more if you venture into inland San Diego.
3. Hygiene – Nobody likes sitting in line waiting with someone with body odor.
4. Hydrate – Want to make sure that you are drinking water since this convention is usually held in hottest part of summer.
5. Snacks – Inside the convention center a cookie can be $6 and an energy drink can be $8. Plan ahead and bring items.
6. Bring money. The ATM line can be a nightmare or not work at all.
7. Comfortable Shoes. Comic Con is a marathon and not a race.
8. Know where you want to park. You do not need to park at the Convention Center or Petco Park.
9. Free shuttles – The tv/movie companies sponsor free shuttle to and from the convention center.
10. Ralphs – 101 G St, San Diego, CA 92101. Great place to get snack only a few blocks away.
11. UPS onsite – Do not feel intimidated to buy a large item.
12. Get reservations ahead of time with nearby convention center restaurants.
13. Be familiar with the map. – Know the lay of the land.
14. Plan which panels and back up panel you would like to attend.
15. Don’t over plan and experience the sights and sounds of the convention floor.
16. Hall H – Enter at your own risk. The lines can be massive and people can camp out for day for a certain show or movie.
17. Check out the artist alley/ indie comics area. You might get a chance to see a future artist on the rise or see the next big comic to be picked up by a studio.
18. Check out the Golden/Silver age comic area. Get a chance to see some classic comics that inspired the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC.
19. Check out the video games area around Hall A. Get to try out some demos for some upcoming video games.
20. Check out the events outside the convention center. Movie & Studios will have interactive events outside the convention and will give away free items.
21. See the city of San Diego. Over the last few decades I have met fans that were so obsessed with attending the convention and regret not taking time to see what San Diego had to offer.


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