Sea World San Diego Tips: 9 Things to Know in 2021

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW if you’re planning to visit Seaworld in San Diego. A combination between an aquarium and a theme park, there are some key points to know when visiting Sea World that will make your visit much better.

#1 – Tickets — You currently need to buy them in advance, with a specific date. There are no tickets for walk-ups. And it’s only for California residents. Out of state residents must provide proof of COVID vaccinations.

#2 – Get the App — The Park Map has gone digital. Get the SeaWorld Discovery Guide.

#3 – Shows: Schedule your day around the shows. There are 3 main ones: Orcas, Dolphins, and Sea Lions. Get there 15 minutes early to get a good seat if it’s a busy day.

Soak Zones — You really do get wet if you sit in the soak zone. If you’re with kids that really want to get soaked, but you don’t. Then bring a plastic poncho with you. Bring a change of clothes for the little ones.

Not sure if you’ll like the show? Sit in the back, all the shows have easy exits from the back.

#4 – Animal Attractions: My favorite is the Penguin Encounter.

Penguin Encounter past a colony of 300 penguins, including tall Emperor penguins. Great when it’s really hot outside.

Turtle Reef, view loggerhead, hawksbill, and green sea turtles, plus thousands of tropical fish
Shark Encounter, walk through a 57-foot acrylic underwater tunnel. You’ll be surrounded by several species of sharks swimming in a 300,000-gallon lagoon.

#5 – Rides:
Skytower, a 320-foot column that overlooks the park– Extra $6
Bayside Skyride, cable car ride from the park to over Mission Bay and back — Also $6

Electric Eel soars to 150 feet with multiple loops, twists, and inversions at 60 mph.
Tidal Twister dueling roller coaster, with two trains that start at opposite ends of a figure-8 track. They accelerate to 30 miles per hour and cross in the center, doing a dynamic Zero-G roll at the center section

Manta rollercoaster is slightly tamer at 43 mph It includes a drop that goes 54 feet underground.
Emperor is tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in California
Tentacle Twirl, Jellyfish themed swing ride
Journey to Atlantis, you get kind of wet with splash down sections.
Shipwreck Rapids, water raft ride. You get really wet!

#6: Food
Water bottles and baby food are the only food and drink items that SeaWorld San Diego allows you to bring into the park. Also no straws.

#7 – When to go

Winter (January & February) are the slowest months, but also the park has the shortest hours, and the least amount of things going on.
Spring Break and Summer bring the most crowds, but also the longest park hours and the most activities in the park.

#8 – Where to stay

The closest hotel is “The Dana” — you can actually walk to Sea World from here… save some money on parking. The Hyatt is also walking distance, about 5 minutes further than the Dana. Paradise Point, and the Bahia are the next closest at about a 5 minute drive.

#9 – I’ve got more videos on San Diego


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