Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Tips: 10 Things to Know Before YOU Go

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Everything YOU need to know before you to go Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. Including how to get in the land, how the reservations work, what the rides are like, what to eat, what to drink, and more! We visited Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge on opening day and it is truly another amazing Disney success!

1 – When does it open?

At Disneyland, Today, May 31.
But the 2nd ride “Rise of the Resistance” opens “sometime later this year”
Expect it to be super crowded. Want to wait until the crowds die down? Come back in 2020.

The land opens in Florida at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 29.

2 – How to get in?

Until June 23 you need a pre-booked “reservation” to get in. All of the “free” reservations are gone… but you can still get in by staying at a Disneyland hotel the night of, or before your visit. You’ll get a 4 hour reservation window.

Take your reservation to the first floor of Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland. Bring photo ids. You’ll get a wristband.

After June 23 Disneyland will used a timed entry “boarding pass” systems that you can book via the Disneyland app, or in-park kiosks. Admission ticket does not guarantee entry to the land.

3 – Where is it?

North of Frontierland, where Big Thunder Ranch used to be. Adjacent to Toon town, but you can’t get in from there. The entrance is Behind Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland, or in Critter Country behind Splash Mountain. It’s big, 14 acres.

4 – What movie is it set in?

None! It’s on the planet of Batuu… the biggest town called biggest town, Black Spire Outpost, a once-thriving trading post but now it’s home to a den of smugglers at the far end of the Outer Rim. You don’t feel like you are in Disneyland at all.

5 – Rides

Smuggler’s Run
It’s like Star Tours except you are in control.
100-plus-foot-long, movie-perfect Millennium Falcon
3 roles. 2 pilots, 2 gunners, 2 engineers. Chosen at random. GIven a card before you board.
Pilot has Buttons, levers
Gunners shoot.
Engineers fix things.
Earn credits in the play disney app.
Single rider line, but no fast pass

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
Hybrid walkthrough and trackless dark ride with mixed media, projections, and more. 8 seat ride… opening “sometime this year”

6 – Shopping

Creature Stall – Get your own porg or Kowakian monkey-lizard

Toydarian Toymaker: Zabaka the Toydarian

Jewels of Bith – street stall

Droid Depot: Custom build a BB or R2.. $120

Savi’s workshop: Build a lightsaber.. Like $200.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities
It’s owner, is Dok-Ondar

Blackspire Outfiiters

First Order Cargo: Buy gear to support the First Order

Resistance Supply: Buy resistance merchandise to defeat the first order

7 – Food

It’s not like the rest of Disneyland… it’s “out of this world”

Ronto Roasters – meaty wraps cooked on a podracing engine. Roasted pork, grilled sausage, slaw, peppercorn sauce. Fancy hot dog.

Docking Bay 7 – Endorian tip-yip, aka Chicken, and ribs from a kaadu… which shares a big resemblance with pork.

8 – Drinks

Yes you can get Coke, but it comes in a special globe shaped bottle.
Even the Dasani Water is star wars themed.

Milk Stand – Blue and Green Milk on tap. Plant based milk. $7.99

Tatooine Sunset — Lemonade and Iced Tea
Carbon Freeze — lemon lime

Oga’s Cantina: Serves alcohol. 45 minutes, 2 drinks maximum. Drinks are all premixed. About $15

Fuzzy Tauntaun – Margarita
Jedi Mind Trick
Bespin Fizz

9 – Disney Play App

Galaxy’s Edge Mode
Create a profile, translate alien languages, peak inside containers, interact with drawers.

10 – I’ve got more videos!

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