Tasting 13 Japanese Delicacies at the Japanese Food Expo

Published on February 1, 2020 by

Join me on a Japanese food eating extravaganza where I taste 13 different Japanese food treats at the 2020 Japanese Food Expo in Los Angeles. An annual event organized by the Japanese Food Culture Association where authentic food, Japanese culture and fun all come together. 50+ vendors including food from Aichi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Shizuoka Prefecture.

1. Okonomiyaki
2. Chirashi Bowl with Mentaiko
3. Kale Noodles
4. Strawberries from Miyagi
5. Frozen Ramen from Japan
6. Sushi
7. Green Tea Paste
8. Iced Matcha Tea
9. Roasted Green Tea Ice Cream
10. Hatcho Miso
11. Karaage Stick
12. Orion Beer from Okinawa
13. Strawberry Milk and Strawberry Sake


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