Top 6 Best Food Courts in Singapore

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The best indoor air conditioned food courts in Singapore! When I can’t take the heat of the hawker centres anymore, I head inside to the Food Courts in Singapore for some delicious food in air conditioned comfort.

In this video I cover the following food courts (time links below):

01:07 – Food Opera – Ion Orchard Level B4
Food Opera offers an elegant ambience that comes together with the multitude of delicious heritage dishes from its 27 vendors to create a unique, nostalgic dining experience. Inspired by the timeless British colonial decor style in Singapore during the 1900s era, the sprawling 19,000 square foot space is awash in light blue and ivory, accentuated with brass and earth tones, and characterised by lush greenery and foliage – trademark design features of the 1900s.

03:37 – Food Republic – Vivo City – Level 3, (next to Sentosa Express Monorail)

The Food Republic in Vivo City is 27,000 sq feet, with 900 seats and 27 stalls. This food court offers glimpses of life during the 1900 to 1940s period in Singapore. Diners eat in surroundings that are built with aged wooden beams, floor tiles and roof shingles. The high ceilings are illuminated with hanging light fixtures within old bird cages. Suspended old bicycles add to the ambient old world charm of the space.

06:07 – Food Republic & Japan Food Town – Wisma Atria Level 4

The Food Republic at Wisma Atria has 23,000 sq feet and about 800 seats, at 23 food stations, 3 mini restaurants and 1 kiosk. The restaurant stations and 60s-inspired kiosks curving around the perimeter of the space are accented with chengai wood individually sourced from Asia Pacific and mosaic tiles filled with Southeast Asian inspired motifs. Retro tables and chairs provide comfortable seating (spot the “cinema on wheels” too, used by traders in the past to hawk movie screenings).

07:54 – Food Republic and Japan Food Floor – 313 @ Somerset – Level 5 and B3

The largest Food Republic in Singapore at 30,000 square feet of with a seating capacity that holds 1,000 seats, 22 food stalls and 4 mini restaurants.

09:47 – Food Republic – Suntec City – B1 (Next to the fountain)

Food court with a neat view of a really big fountain!

10:41 – Rasapura Masters – Marina Bay Sands Shoppes – Level B2

Located next to the ice rink in the upscale Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, this isn’t the cheapest food court, but it is one of the nicest in terms of decor and the uniforms of the cooks.

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