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Vaccine Tourism is REAL! A handful of travel agencies in India are forming interest lists for tours to the US, UK, and even Russia to get COVID-19 vaccines once they are available. Gem Travels, India’s leading provider of “vegetarian tours” announced on twitter that they are “Developing Vaccine Tourism.” They aren’t procuring any vaccine, but collecting contact information so that people can be “first on the list” once Vaccine tourism starts.

According to Newsweek, Zenith Holidays, another travel agency in India, has received over 1,200 calls in the past 2 weeks inquiring about COVID-19 vaccine travel packages. They estimate packages to the US will cost about $2,000 US dollars. For that price you’ll get round-trip economy airfare, four-star hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and one vaccine dose per person.

New York Times reports that within China, COVID-19 vaccines are so popular that appointments are selling on the “black market” for $600 to $1,500.


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