Video Interviews: 11 Mistakes Job-Seekers Make

Published on February 1, 2021 by

A list of the biggest mistakes that are made on video job interviews. Just a year ago video interviews were often used as a first screen before bringing a candidate onsite for a “real” in-person interview. But today many companies have switched from in person interviews to virtual interviews entirely. So for those of you looking for a job today, it’s important to get good at video interviews.

1 – Don’t be back-lit

2 – Don’t be at a weird camera angle

3 – Don’t look in a weird direction

4 – Don’t wear your pajamas

5 – Don’t have a messy background

6 – Don’t be in a noisy environment

7 – Dont forget about body language

8 – Don’t interrupt

9 – Don’t assume your tech will work

10 – Don’t be late

11 – Don’t wing it


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