Yanagawa Punting Tours – The Venice of Japan

Published on May 16, 2018 by

A travel guide for riding the canal boats of Yanagawa in Kyushu Japan. Yanagawa, near the city Fukuoka, is a historic town with a massive canal network. On these canals you can take a historic “punting tour” called Kawakudari in Japanese (literally translates to “Downstream”).

Getting on a boat at one of the six boat stations in the city, visitors can enjoy an approximately one-hour boat trip. The introduction Kotaoftsubune, a boat equipped withkotatsu (a Japanese style fireplace with a coverlet) in 1965 enabled tourists to enjoy the boat trip all year round. Now there are six boat operators with about 100
boatmen, who also offer emotional and humorous anecdotes as
they guide tourists through the beauty of the seasons, although in Japanese.

for more information on these punting tours (maps/times/prices/etc) you can visit the website of one of the punting tour operators: http://www.yanagawakk.co.jp/index_e.html


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