Top 10 Yellow Productions Travel Videos of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I wanted to share with you all my favorite Top 10 travel videos of 2016. 2016 was a great year, I reached a milestone of 10,000 subscribers in the summer, and ended the year with 13,000 subscribers. So I’d like to welcome all the new subscribers!

I also visited some great places in 2016: Singapore; Nagano, Kanazawa, and Tokyo in Japan; Maui in Hawaii; Rome in Italy; Stockholm in Sweden; Phoenix and Las Vegas in the USA.

For the ranking, I looked at the views on youtube and the likes (popularity), and put a little of my own flavor in there too.  Here’s the math behind my rankings:



Video Name Uploaded Notes
Top 9 Best Hawker Centres in Singapore 11/5/2016 7,000 Views 107 Likes
Top 5 Best Toy Stores in Tokyo 8/19/2016 7,800 Views 165 likes
Amazing Cosplay Marriage Proposal at San Diego Comic Con 6/23/2016 20K Views 484 Likes
Marvel Cosplay at Comic-Con 6/23/2016 33K Views 200 Likes
The Orange County (OC) Fair in 360 Degree Video 7/15/2016 9,600 Views 57 Likes
Samsung Gear 360 Camera Review 6/29/2016 29,000 Views 168 Likes
Shibuya Travel Guide ft. TVShinjuku 6/25/2016 8100 Views 100 Likes
Yokohama 3/12/2016 13000 views, 167 likes
Courtyard Tokyo Station Review 3/7/2016 3200 views 59 likes
MaoKong (貓空) Travel Guide 1/31/16 2800 views 40 likes

Click on any of the videos below to watch them!




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