Top 10 Yellow Productions Travel Videos of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to share with you all my favorite Top 10 travel videos of 2015. With a new video every Sunday this year, that makes for 52 videos in the running.

For the ranking, I looked at the views on youtube and the likes (popularity), and put a little of my own flavor in there too.  Here’s the math behind my rankings:

Video Name Uploaded Notes
Robot Restaurant  Recently  Just cool!
Tokyo Disneyland 11/8/2015 26 Likes
Munich Travel Guide 8/9/2015 28 Likes, 2,000 Views
Coimbra 7/26/2015 30 Likes, 3,000 Views
Best of Martvel Cosplay 7/12/2015 100 Likes, 14,000 Views
Tokyo DisneySea 6/14/2015 58 Likes, 4,000 Views
Stuttgart 4/19/2015 106 Likes 11,000 Views
Tokyo Skytree 3/22/2015 57 Likes, 4,300 Views
Beijing 2/22/2015 170 Likes, 24,000 Views
Taipei Zoo 1/25/2015 47 Likes, 3,500 Views


Click on any of the videos below to watch them!





  • Brian Jester 5 years ago

    Looks like you need to do more Beijing & Cosplay videos, according to the view count

    • Chris 5 years ago

      Good eye! Probably not heading to Beijing again any time soon.. But cosplay definitely can do!


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